Monday, 13 February 2017

Wild BNE summer meet-up: Maleny

Some of the plants and trees in the reserveincluding this wonga vine (Pandorea pandorana)are ancient.

Boardwalk section.
In the heat of summer, one of the best places to escape the sun is the rainforest. With this in mind, I’ll be hosting the Wild BNE summer meet-up at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve in Maleny at the end of this month, where we can have great wildlife sightings and not melt into a puddle of sweat! 😎

Flying-fox camp.
It will be an early start to maximise the wildlife sightings, of which we can expect plenty. Mary Cairncross is a great place for mammal viewing, and we will be spending time with red-legged pademelons (Thylogale stigmatica) and black flying-foxes (Pteropus alecto) in particular. Rainforest birds abound—over 100 species of birds have been recorded in the reserve! Some that I am hoping to see include the Australian king-parrot (Alisterus scapularis), noisy pitta (Pitta versicolor) and russet-tailed thrush (Zoothera heinei). The more eyes, the better, so come along and spot something you’ve never seen before!

Red-legged pademelons are used to being observed at Mary Cairncross.

Roseleaf raspberry (Rubus rosifolius).
The event details are:
Date: Sunday 26th February 2017.
Time: 6:30am—9:30am.
Distance: 2.5km on mostly flat, gravel pathways and boardwalks.

Send me an email at to register your interest or find out more information. It will be a great morning, and I’d be delighted to have you along!


Epiphytes like this bird's nest fern (Asplenium australasicum) are quite spectacular at this location.


  1. If only I could be there, I would be there in a shot.

    1. Aww, thanks Margaret, you have always been very supportive of my endeavours!

  2. A great post Christian! I wish I could go to your meetup but we are busy that day.

    1. Thanks Liz, not to worry, there will be a few more this year! :)